Material Specifications - Bonderized

 Galvanized Steel Sheets

 AISI Thickness Tolerances Ranges

 Gauge Thickness Tolerance #'s per sq. ft.
 26  .019  .0247 .0187  0.7722
 28  .016  .0217 .0157 0.6497

We currently have available the above gauges.


Bonderized steel is simply galvanized steel that in the process of manufacture, the steel is put through a phosphate bath and chromate dry. This produces the dull grey color characteristic of Bonderized which provides as an excellent "primer" for painting applications. Please note, bonderized material should be immediately painted after installation as the exposed phosphate coating is prone to white rust. Typical applications are gutter, downspout, water table, and w-valley.

Our bonderized material is available in 28 and 26 gauge. G90 coating (1.51 mil) is standard in our inventory.